Whitepaper: re-thinking engagement in pensions

Download the report for the full stats and facts on why 'engagement' needs a reality check. 

Increased member engagement has become the north star for pensions strategy, with large-scale member communications programmes and innovative digital platforms aimed at making pensions more accessible, understandable and inspiring. The Government continues to espouse the benefits of greater public engagement with pensions, with new initiatives such as The Pensions Dashboard aiming to simplify what appears to many a complex and confusing subject.

However, the hard truth is that a large section of the UK workforce, across all sectors, ages and demographics, remains 'disengaged' with pensions savings and retirement planning. This research paper:

  • Explores the reasons for this indifference
  • Identifies why current engagement strategies are not delivering the expected impact
  • Looks at how businesses are now approaching engagement and compares this to what members are actually looking for.

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